recess guardians

How We’re Helping To Empower The Next Generation of Kids.


Recess Guardians has been around since 2008 and have been lucky enough to work in schools across Canada. Over this time, they have created programs that empower kids in different ways and get them playing again.  Starting in 2024, each Sport & Social Club tournament will donate funds that allow Recess Guardians to launch a new program in a local school in our community.  After the tournament, we’ll provide players with updates on the school chosen and the impact we are making.

So What Are Recess Guardians Programs?

This is their flagship program and something they have perfected since inception. During this half day session, the team from Recess Guardians will work in the gym with students in the grade 4-6 range by teaching them games and activities that are good for kids of all ages. During this time, they also discuss subjects like inclusion, sportsmanship, communication, etc. and at the end of the session, they get the opportunity to apply what they learned by instructing a group of younger students.

After the session is complete, they have a multitude of ways that the class will take on the role as Recess Guardians’ leaders at their school!

Visit the Recess Guardians website to learn even more!


challenges facing the next generation

Kids today are facing more stress and anxiety than ever before. Bullying has become more prevalent both online and in-person and physical inactivity has become the norm. With all these things happening, kids are losing confidence at a rapid rate and are feeling hopeless about the future.  Recess Guardians is working to make kids believe in themselves again. 

21% of kids get the recommended amount of unorganized play each day

3.8 Million is the amount of calls and texts Kids Help Phone reported in 2020, which doubled from the previous year

1 in 2 Canadian parents/guardians report their child has been a victim of bullying

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