recess for co-workers

Ready To Boost Your Corporate Culture? 

Each season, we work with great companies to provide exceptional sport experiences for teams of co-workers from across the city.  If your workplace is looking to add some after-hours fun to the weekly calendar, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our corporate teams join us in our traditional weekly leagues, and we hope to add exclusive corporate leagues as we grow our offerings. These divisions are designed as a FUN way to get out of the office, expand your social circle, and network with other local businesses.  All while playing the sports you love.  

Our corporate leagues welcome fun team jerseys (…someone call the marketing department!), office chants, or just plain corporate team shenanigans.   If your office is ready to trade in virtual games for something more exciting, we’ve got you covered.  

Sign up your team now and join the fun!

benefits of play in the workplace

Promote teamwork, boost morale, and improve overall employee well-being.  
Consider starting a corporate sports team!
Here are the top 3 benefits of having a sports team in your office.

increased teamwork + collaboration

improved health + well-being

enhanced company culture

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